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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (Android app)

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Cyberdiva: You could just buy WhenLast on the Play Store in your browser, and then I think the Play Store would notify you of updates. But I could be wrong about that.

Many thanks, Deozaan, for this suggestion.  I think it worked!  Play Store did take my money, and it hasn't refunded it, in spite of a notification appearing on my app saying that I already had When Last installed.  With any luck, I'll now get notified and updated via Play Store, and mouser will be able to plan a vacation with the extra $.99.    Win-win :)

Just a heads up:  Import and Export functionality are now implemented, though not yet uploaded.  I will try to upload new versions in next couple of days after a little more testing.

The best part about the importing+exporting is that it actually keeps track of modification timestamps of items now, and when you import it will smartly merge them.  This means that you can safely export and import repeatedly between devices in order to do a poor man's synchronization, and it will always use the most recent data for each entry (and recreate missing newly added entries, etc.).

The data files are also plain json, so you can easily modify/create data manually and import it in.


Label: Check for import/export
Date History: 01/12/2014

New version with import and export is uploaded to dc server (see url in first post).
I won't be uploading it to google play store for another couple of days until it gets some testing.

Please let me know how it works for you!

Again let me say that the importing function is an import+merge function, so you can export your data, modify it, and then re-import it, and it will merge in your changes, using the most recent version of any entry found between the current vs importing file.
The data file format is pure json; if you want to manually modify entries in a text editor, you should DELETE the lines with ts_mods and ts_modd from any entries that you hand modify, to convince the import process into thinking they have been modified.


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