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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (Android app)

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I liked your old timestamp disc idea mouser and I like this too. Haven't had time to try the apk yet but here are some bits of quick feedback based on the screenshots.
1 Are "edit" and "now" buttons really needed? We could just press to do the now action and longpress to edit.
2 I like the short catchphrase "When Last?". Why not put that in the title area. A longer title run the risk of the dread that is ellipticalization on smaller screen devices as in Masonjar13's screenshot.
3 is there a mode to toggle time format between specific dates and a more minimal "days since" mode that would only say for example "8"?
4 user set time interval targets for each task. The timestamp/days since text could get more bold and more intensely red the later the user is (relative to interval target length).
5 a bigger idea for some future version: shared tasks plus some basic stats for how many times each user has done the task. A lot of multi person household tasks could be managed with the app then.

There are several interesting tiny bluetooth device projects for Android that I could see an app like yours interacting with in good ways in the future, like Flic but also Fizzly. Flic buttons could for example be quick ways to reset the time count for a specific item.

I just came upon this thread, decided When Last was just what I needed, and downloaded and installed it on my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet.  I'm impressed with how simple it is to use, assuming I remember to do so.  I guess it doesn't make sense to add a Check When Last item  ;) .

I did have one question.  After making two categories (Home, Computers), and saying that I wanted ALL to show, what I saw were those categories, but over the first one, completely in caps, was OTHER.  I couldn't decide where that was nor what it referred to.  I got rid of it by re-checking Hide Empty Sections.  But is it an empty section?  If so, how can I find it and get rid of it?

Also, is there a way to order the sections?  I have a hopelessly alphabetical mind.  Hence, I'd ideally like Computers to come before Home.  Is that possible?  Ideally, for both categories and items within a category.

Many thanks, mouser.  I'm delighted to have this.

Thanks for the comments folks.

Some quick replies:

* Edit+Now buttons -- Rightnow i am using long click to do drag&drop; i could use a long click on Now button to edit, but that has a drawback of being non-generalizable when i add other kinds of "entries" that don't have "now" buttons.. so for right now i think the edit buttons are my best solution.  One possible thing i could do is make the user have to switch into a general "EDIT" mode before those buttons appear..
* WhenLast in title area -- not sure what you mean -- isn't it in the title area?
* Show "days since" mode -- yes i want to add that.
* Reminders for tasks -- on my todo list.
* Reordering categories -- will be in future version.
* Bug with categories overlapping others -- let me know if that's not fixed in next version.

New beta has been uploaded, would appreciate any reports; see download link in first post.

I think your old data should be read in, but im not 100% sure.
I have also removed the Delete All Data menu item; to clear all data you can go to your Android Settings, choose APPS, then choose WhenLast and then Delete All Data from there.

The new beta includes a Section Editor in the menu, where you can rename and reorder sections.

After this update, 'all' my data is still there, but the option to hide the All section is gone. But I'd like that section to be hidden from view :o


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