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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (Android app)

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After reading your most recent messages, I upgraded my tablet's WhenLast to 1.49 and clicked on the (new?)  Sync online now option. A message appeared saying "Status report: Dropbox sync is active and idle."  I tried again--same story.  I then went into my Dropbox folder to see if anything had changed. I clicked on the Apps folder and then on the WhenLast folder inside it. The folder was empty. 

I went back to WhenLast and tried again.  Same story,  except I no longer got a "Status report" message. At no point did WhenLast stop, as it frequently did last night.

The message "Status report: Dropbox sync is active and idle." should mean that everything is working.
Try making a change to something (edit an item or just click now on one), and then click the sync now iten from menu.  See what it says. See if a file appears in your dropbox then.

Mouser, thanks so much for your extraordinarily fast attention to all this.  I'm delighted to report that the sync is now working.  I didn't even have to go into my Dropbox folder to confirm this.  I changed one small entry in WhenLast (which may have been all that it took--I didn't think I had to do that because I had changed another entry on the tablet yesterday), and all worked well.  When I clicked on Sync online now on my phone, it told me that it had synced with my tablet, and indeed, the entry that I had just made on the tablet was indeed also on the phone, as was the one from yesterday.   :Thmbsup:

:)  :up:

Glad to hear it's working and thanks for your patience!
I guess I need to add some code to push the data file the first time it syncs instead of waiting for a change.

Let me know how it continues to behave -- and if you get a crash please submit it so I can see what went wrong.

In the sync options page you can set a custom name for each device so that it shows nicer messages about where a change came from when it syncs.

Some more notes on sync:

* If you EDIT an item, it is saved immediately and sync will begin automatically.
* If you just click NOW on an item, the data file is not saved yet.  It will be if you switch away from the app, or when you click the Sync Now menu item.
* In a subsequent release editing or clicking now will always perform a save (and sync) soon after.
* If you delete an item, it will be deleted from all synchronized devices.
* Clicking the "sync now" menu item will give you a status report of the dropbox sync connection.
* Widgets will not sync by themselves -- a widget's data will not update via sync and won't reflect new values until the app itself is launched by you.
* The app synchronizes by creating files in your dropbox account, off a subfolder of the Apps directory of your account; you can view, backup, delete, etc. these files just like your normal dropbox files.  Each device uses a unique filename.


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