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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (Android app)

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I'm looking at dropbox sync api and adding support for automatic sync'ing across apps.

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I'm looking at dropbox sync api and adding support for automatic sync'ing across apps.
-mouser (February 02, 2015, 08:29 PM)
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Sounds appealing.  I don't currently have a dropbox account, but if/when you add a sync capability using dropbox, perhaps I'll get myself a free account and try it out.

Preliminary sync support is now working (!)

I will (soon) be supporting a more user friendly option for syncing using dropbox api, but right now the method employed requires that you have some 3rd party tool that will sync directories on multiple devices.  For example the free Dropsync tool will let you keep a folder on your device sync'd with a dropbox folder, and that's what you need.

Note that this is NOT the same as just using a folder sync tool to synchronizing the main whenlast data file -- that could result in data loss and overwriting changes.  The sync procedure now in place is smart enough to keep the most recent changes on any device.  You could even use the app simultaneously on multiple devices without any problem.

I will upload new version to BETA testing soon.

The dropbox sync stuff is working pretty darn well.. And when it's working well it's quite wonderful to watch.  Run the app on multiple devices at once and watch as one change migrates to the other device(s) within seconds..
And the process of actually enabling the sync option from the program, assuming you have a dropbox account, seems quite painless.

I'm still working out some of the kinks and the rough edges, but I'd say this should work quite nicely.


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