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Ashampoo Office 2012: $5

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Right now, for a very limited period of time, the fine Office 2012 is a mere $5 (91% discount). Updates included!  :o

Thanks Curt,
I wonder if Version 2015 is coming soon :-\
Mind you I'm very happy with this one (well, I have the Softmaker version) - it opens all MS Office document formats AFAIK, and does a great job of anything I've tried.

Softmaker usually makes the odd good offer for upgrading from the Ashampoo version to their more complete version.

Cripes! The 2010 version is FREE!

Cripes! The 2010 version is FREE!
-Renegade (November 22, 2014, 06:55 AM)
--- End quote ---

doesnt open the newer MS Office filetypes AFAIK (well it didnt here until I upgraded to version 2012).
Otherwise very good too :up:

Does Ashampoo still carpet bomb you with junkmail once you get something from them? They used to.


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