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Mandatory Work Activity (UK) - Stupidity Beyond Belief. [DEBATE]

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Yes, in fairness it also goes on here (Germany). I have come across people working 'ein-euro-jobs' (€1 per hour) for a 'social' project (good cause etc.) but apparently there is a lot of abuse - basically gettting them to do work that would otherwise be paid at a 'normal' rate.
Germany does have low enemployment but an ever increasing amount of 'working poor':
2005 - 4.8% of workers "likely to experience poverty"
2010 - 7.8%
(source: Reuters) Insight: The dark side of Germany's jobs miracle
There's a lot of people here working multiple part-time jobs to survive. And survive you can - you have to have health insurance here, but if you're on a low wage you pay less. They are restricting this insurance though e.g. I am unable to get on that type health insurance myself (no matter how much or little I might earn). Food prices are the amongst the cheapest in Europe. (Yaay Lidl Aldi etc :-\ - it's a vicious circle of cheaper stuff > lower wages > cheaper stuff > - and for a lot of people it's going downwards).

We have Lidl and ALDI here as well..and in my town we have the largest "Free Site" in the UK...People are actually surviving by people literally swapping items with each other (Very basic things like Washing Machines, Kettles, Fridge/Freezers) - This is how bad it has got.

I do often wonder...when I heard on the radio recently that the UK is down to "Only 2Million Unemployed"...what is the real truth?  Are they counting the "Legalized Slavery" jobs?  If so...then that number would be significantly higher than they are claiming it to it really just a complete cover up to make the UK seem like it is way more prosperous than it is?  Seriously...Don't be fooled by reports saying the UKs economy is rapidly rising and getting somebody living in the thick of REALLY ISN'T.

By the way, for the sake of openness and honesty...The reason I am so aware of this Slavery Scheme, is because I receive government benefits (I live in a craphole town with no jobs at all) so I have to sustain our living costs somehow...I asked my Advisor at the Job Center for a careers advise appointment of sorts (Basically to try talk it out and figure out what is the best University courses for the paths I want to go down), and the person I was talking to, ignored everything I said and decided that me working as a Warehouse Operative for (Yes I WILL name and shame them) - In a town 8 miles from here...would be the best thing for me (Bearing in mind I suggested that my 2 career paths are [Working within the Technology Industry] and [Flying Instructor]...2 completely different paths I know, but both things that I want to do more than anything).  Oh...and my travel costs.....they have to be paid by get to work...AT MY FINANCIAL LOSS, for a company valued at over £600MILLION GBP.

The only 4 words I plan to say to the "Adviser" (I use that term very loosely here), are as follows:"Not a fucking chance"

Best of luck with the whole thing Stephen

Best of luck with the whole thing Stephen
-tomos (November 17, 2014, 03:18 PM)
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Honestly...If the work was remotely connected to anything I wanted to do...or failing that, supported a charity or small local business...I wouldn't have as much of an issue....but would still disagree with the whole thing.

Yeah, sounds like BS, the whole thing


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