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Does anyone have know why you cannot map a drive letter to an FTP drive

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You might be out of luck, I couldn't get it to create a folder, nor could I copy something to it - I wonder if it was a permission thing at the other end?

Would it not be better to connect to an office VPN when they're out roaming and then use UNC addressing?

Would it not be better to connect to an office VPN when they're out roaming and then use UNC addressing?
-4wd (November 16, 2014, 06:11 AM)
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4wd beat me to offering that suggestion. ;D

I use ExpanDrive... though there are several others.

DirectNetDrive - works OK, can read/write  you get a progressbar down near the systray whenever something happening, (WebDAV, SFTP, and FTP).  Free for personal use.

I'd still go with the VPN + UNC myself ... as a bonus it requires no mapping of drives as long as the programs understand UNC - and they should unless they're old or very poorly programmed.  ;)

I fought the good fight but I know when to give up. (Sometimes).
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This may be the same thing some others have posed but I will state for the record that I tried a multitude of these with no success.  This one says NetDrive V 2.3.2
Each one has it's own odd way of wanting ever single piece of the path structure to be laid out.  Some wanted the name in front of the IP (I am just using the IP rather than a domain name for now).
But at any rate, at the end of my ROPE (the one my wife has around my neck) out of he blue, the LAST one, finally clicked.  I got everything in the right order, it opened perfectly, and best of all made a neat menu to allow for multiple other drives which will be fun to try later.  In theory I can give my SkyDrive it's own letter, my DropBox its own letter etc ad infinitum.  (or ad nauseum)

But the darned thing worked.  I went in and created a bunch of files and folder and remoted into the server to check and be sure they were there.

Nothing like Success before going to bed :)

Thanks to everyone for their input .  I never knew thee were so many alternatives.  Even if they don't work for ME  I am sure they work for someone.

4WD.  Highly suggest you check this one out on whatever you were trying.  it took me a few tries to get the config right but the layout is so intuitive it did not take that long.
Just like the old days.  And it auto loads on startup.

NOW  I just have to get it to auto switch from the LOCAL map to the Netdrive  when the employees leave the office and.. Another One Bites The Dust! :) :Thmbsup:

Thanks ALL


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