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Outlook 2013 Way to edit embedded graphics


If an email contains an embedded graphic, I can right click it but "edit picture" is grayed out.  I would like that to be associated with Paint.exe.  This is not an attached graphic but is embedded in the email itself.  I can copy it and paste into paint but one click to edit in paint would be the right way.  Is there any way to get that edit button to work?  If not, is there a way to add my own?  In trying a few suggestions of changes to the registry, I did end up making changes to the right click menu but it was not what I wanted and still does not give any way to link Open with Paint.exe to the menu.
Further reading shows a lot of ways to do a lot of things but I cannot find one that will simply enable the button that is already there.

Stoic Joker:
Further reading shows a lot of ways to do a lot of things but I cannot find one that will simply enable the button that is already there.-questorfla (January 08, 2015, 11:28 AM)
--- End quote ---

Apparently neither could Microsoft..

That really is very odd behavior, but I did notice two rather interesting things while playing with this:
1. The same disabled 'Edit Picture' item appears in MS Word 2013 as well, but you can make some changes to the picture using the Picture Format ribbon tab.
2. While the picture format ribbon tab is nowhere to be seen in the Outlook default inline style reply. It does appear if you pop out the Email into its own window.

Typical MS.  I have also been looking everywhere for a way to embed a hyper-link into that same image.  This is all part of an automated procedure that AI have managed somehow to get all the way down the final; part and I'm stuck :(
Once the images in IN an ACTIVE email  (yhe key being active as i cannot do it to one i am reading) but if I am composing, I can paste the image in from paint and THEN embed the hyper-link to the website that the image represents by simply right click, add hyper-link. 
SO where does the hyper-link "hide"?  I can even copy and paste it from a received email with the embedded outlook attached into another email or onto a word doc etc.  So the controls must be somewhere in WORD as I know MS has always used Word's setup and controls inside Outlook.  I just can't find it.
Adding Open with Paint to the right click menu (or even activating the already there button to edit image) seems so insane to not have a way to use it. 
I have read somewhere that there MAY be a link to permissions.  I could be wrong but i THINK I say a mention about running Outlook as admin?  And/or making changes to the registry to enable admin privileges.  It was so arcane that I left it alone for now.  Why would they do that?  It could be that the only way to accomplish this is using HTML as in a website which is what this is.  A link to a website

Oh Well. another problem for another day.  Thanks for the input, now I dont feel so bad. :(

Adding a hyperlink to some text in Word is achieved by selecting the desired part of text and pressing <Ctrl-K> where you can then paste or select an url in a popup window. Could also work for images (not on Windows atm, so can't check)


How to embed images in Outlook 2013 signatures

December 28, 2013
MS Office tips and tricks
embed images in outlook 2013 signature, images in outlook 2013 signature, outlook 2013 signature

Issue: Signatures sent will no longer have any images in them.

Applies to: Outlook 2013.

Background: If you have / had images in your email signature you probably noticed that Outlook 2013 cut them out and is not longer sending them.
 First thing you should know right away: This isn’t a problem on your end, you haven’t done anything wrong, and you are right when saying “I didn’t send anything in my signature – what the F happened ?!”
This is fully intended by Microsoft, the reason is pure technical and I won’t bore you with the details, instead, I’ll explain how to work around it – which is what you’re here for ;)

For the sake of being politically correct I won’t call this a ‘fix’ but a workaround.

Workaround: There are actually 2 ways to get your images back in there, I will list both:

Option 1:

This is actually the intended use, and how your are supposed to add images to your email signatures in outlook 2013:

Simply upload your images to an external image host, or your own private host (if you have a website, you have a private host), and link the images in your signature to these links.
 If you use the signature editor choose insert online image and paste your link there.
 If you use any HTML editor use the link as your image source.

Option 2 – My choice:

This option will force outlook to embed the images in the signature, basically same as 2007 and 2010 used to – back to normal if you will.
 This requires you to make a change to the registry, add a key to it actually.
 Open your notepad, or favorite text editor (do NOT use word), copy and paste the following into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 "Send Pictures With Document"=dword:00000001

Save the file, name it ‘outlook.reg’ (or anything you want .reg).
Make sure your outlook is closed!
 Double click and run the file, allow the change.
 Open your outlook, send something, your images should be back in there.

Enjoy :)


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