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Instead of Debian based I tried Debian 7 in VM


I have a few VMs I run in VMWare Player with Windows 8.0 x64 as Host OS.  After installing several flavors of Linux, mostly Debian based, that were not in the dropdown list I figured why not just install Debian itself?

I used the small CD AMD64 iso to install  It comes with IceWeasel FF derived browser.  For browsing it's actually quite usable in a VM.  The only real glitch was some report about gnome 3.x not coming up, but it has a desktop with menus.  It's kind of sparse to figure out what it is.  Of course the strange feeling is how much command line savvy I've lost since I last did Linux for real.

I don't know the state of UEFI and GPT support in Debian.  I'm just getting my feet wet.  :)

Been running Debian for about 5 years now.  No complaints, except I'm running the 'Testing' branch, which I like very much but comes with its own pain...
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If you can't do it with Debian, it can't be done.
-Robert Pogson

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