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Speed record by a rocket-bicycle

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I believe that Francois Gissy will soon become the new logo of Irfanview...

Its not really a bicycle though with an engine like that- he couldn't possibly pedal it at that speed with any kind of efect.

No, its really a motorcycle built out of a bicycle frame. One that probably should not be street legal.

Stoic Joker:
Well... It did have a bellcrank he could (pretend...) try with so I'm ok(ish) with calling the rocket bike a "bicycle". But I will agree it has no business being on the street unless he's looking to paint the side of a building with his remains.

Are there any stills that show details of the machine?  The rear facing video view gives the impression he fired the rockets from a standing start.  I find that hard to believe unless he was running some hefty gyroscope.  Unless the video is edited.  Otherwise I'd expect the thing to fish tail and skitter across the raceway.


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