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Please recommend a Canadian domain name registrar to me

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I'm looking for recommendations of Canadian owned domain name registrars with a solid reputation.

Please DO NOT recommend an American registrar or any other. I am not interested. Canadian only. (Or possibly Australian if you know a really good Aussie registrar.)

Thanks in advance.

rgdot: I used in the past. My experience was good but I eventually moved the domain in question to US based registrar.

I've used NetRegistry in Australia a couple of years ago but, like rgdot, I moved the domain in question, (.net), to a US based registrar, (they're cheaper).

I also still have a .au domain through VentraIP, mainly because I got a hosting package cheap through them - I really should do something with it I guess  :-\

I use easydns. A bit more expensive than namecheap, but it's based in Canada. It is highly recommended by techdirt.

Just out of curiosity...what difference does it make if they are from other countries?  Does it mean anything special, or is it a purely political choice?


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