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Windows vista beta preview program begins

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Not quite... Loads of work to download the OS! the "download now" link takes you to microsoft's ultra-bloated site where you never can find anything. Then you have to look for the download link, register a "live id" if you don't have one, and then, finally, download it.
Then, you just have to wait for the 3.2 gb download to end ;)
-jgpaiva (June 09, 2006, 03:51 AM)
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hmm, this is odd, it takes only 2 clicks for me, click the link and then click download now:
Windows vista beta preview program begins

 ;D weird... i got this:

Maybe it is because i'm not registered (or because i'm in portugal...).

hmm, interesting, i am not from the US and also not register at, could it be the browser we use? ;D
i have firefox.

oh my, i just tried download with Maxthon and i got that message:
Access denied.

Please go to

 :( :( :(

kimmchii: posted follow-up here:
(it worked when i tried firefox!  :down: :down: :down:)


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