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SC post-capture run

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Sorry, I'm sort of combining two topics here.

I have SC installed on a virtualbox Windows 7 machine.
So I need the capture folder to be in that system's virtual share folder so I can fetch the images from my regular computer.
Problem is that SC gets launched before the sharefolder is connected and (I think this is the what) causes SC to crash and even an uninstall won't fix it unless you scrap the previous settings.

So my solultion is to use the post-capture options.
In the post-capture options, I want to have SC automatically move the just-taken-screenshot to the virtual share folder (that would be connected now).
Problem is that these commands don't seem to do anything.

--- Code: Text ---copy "%file%"  f:\captures\copy "c:\captures\%file%"  f:\captures\
Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work?

Put those commands in a batch file and run the batch file in the post capture area.

But maybe a better thing would be to not set SC to start at boot time, and start it manually afterwords, after teh virtual shares are connected?

Mouser, aaawwww, I don't want to do it manually!  I want it to be working when I want it to with the least amount of advertance.

Although the commands won't work right from SC, the batch file trick does work.  Thanks for the idea, Mouser!
Batch file:

--- ---copy %1 f:\captures

--- ---c:\arx\captures.bat "%file%" /winmin

This issue with the directory not being available at start has come up before.. I think I'll make a function to let it not panic about a missing directory until you try to make the first capture.

That sounds like a good, reasonable solution.  I'm surprised I didn't think of it.   ;)


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