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Experimenting with Other Programming Languages

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One of the features that caught my eye was the debugger -- I didn't quite get it to work on my *nix installation though.  Of course there's the official debugger, but I was looking for something a bit more flashy.

In the mean time I'm using Devel::REPL for some interactive development -- which is better than nothing, but it leaves me feeling that it needs some love and attention...

In any case, good luck with your Perl-ing!

I'd like to branch out from my current language of choice (Rexx, which I've been using for the last 25 years). Coincidentally I have a need for a small routine written in Lua. Should I just hit and go through the live demo? I know I ought to buy the book and support the project, but I just wanted something fairly basic to play with at the beginning. Does anyone have some suggestions on the various online resources? Some tutorials can be better than others...

Haven't done much recently with Lua, but I remember the lua-users site to be helpful and specifically the Learning Lua wiki page to be a relevant starting point for learning lua.

I understand it's used for extension in a number of projects -- e.g. VLC, wireshark, etc, -- and this presents one potentially nice approach for learning the language: identify a project (preferably one you have interest in) that's using it for plugins/extensions and start studying the existing plugins/extensions, including modifying them and writing one's own.

The first edition of Programming in Lua is available free online, and is still a good resource when learning the language.

Thanks for the hints folks, I'll start playing around with it this week lwatcdr.


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