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ESA Rosetta comet landing being streamed live 12-NOV-2014 @ 11:00AM EST

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I read somewhere that all three mechanisms to anchor it in place (jet, screws, harpoons) have failed. Philae is lying on its side at an unintended location. *fingers crossed*

A comment from Reddit to put this achievement in perspective:
[ESA] hit a moving target 1500 times farther away from earth than the moon, with an object going 30 times faster than a bullet.
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Even more impressive considering NASA, despite being the longest running space program, can't seem to even get a space station resupply package into orbit lately. :-\

Aww come on 40... methinks you're being a bit harsh on NASA!  ;D

I know they have their problems but they have sooo many things going on simultaneously. I've been following a few of their twitter accounts and am super impressed.

Can't wait for JWST (I know it's a joint effort) to get going - just hope there's no incident, they've put so much time, money and effort into it - I get emo just thinking about something not going according to plan.

Unrelated development that could prove to be interesting: - UK based.

That was some major computational power at work!

Aww come on 40... methinks you're being a bit harsh on NASA!  ;D
-nosh (November 14, 2014, 03:56 AM)
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Nope. They keep trying to do it on the cheap through the questionable Regan Error Era theory of 'privatization' being the absolute cure for all governmental budget woes.

Privitization hasn't worked very well in the past. And it's still not working. ;) :P


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