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Resources for learning Windows PowerShell

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Many thanks for all of the suggestions, and apologies for not responding sooner - work has been nightmare busy.  Seriously, I am starting to have nightmares about computers catching fire.

Anyway, I was aware of the TechNet/scripting guy resources.  I don't really know where I want to go with PowerShell and so, that's my starting point.  As I read I can see some use in deploying applications etc. and I've been seeing more references to it, so I figured it's worth a crack.

I hadn't really thought of IDEs for PS, but I'll be looking into that - thx Shades!

Thx to Ath for the ebook reccy.  Those all look like good topics, but perhaps for a bit down the line when I have idea what I want to use it for!

And more thx to wraith808 for reference to chocolatey which I have never heard of, but take a look at.

As usual, the DC community is extremely helpful!



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