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Some software feedbacks


Hello Skrommel, I have something to say about some of your programs.
1. I need a screen curtain, I posted for that, so I am asking: is it possible for you or anyone else to modify the screen dimmer program to do the following?
1.1. turn off the monitor so nothing can be seen and a blind can use the PC with screen-reading program, the screen reader reads from the ram, so there should be nothing for you to modify for that, but monitor should not turn on.
1.2. display a particular text file, window or image file no matter where the focus goes, so if one is looking from behind me, they can be fooled and PC operation go as normal.
2. the captain software, I don't know how to use it, It should perhaps has a list to select the running apps and an edit box to replace the title.
3. the opening hour should also have a gui to fill the time and select the application with a browse button.
Thank you, Jitendra.


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