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He's holding the pen wrong... >_<
-Edvard (November 11, 2014, 12:28 PM)
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Heh yeah, shouldn't that be rotated at least 30 degrees to the top right? : )

Yup.  :-[

I'm a pen freak.  Sue me.

And technically, you can write/draw in a variety of angles/pressures with a fountain pen (or any split-nib pen, for that matter) to get fine lines, blotchy lines, smooth-but-kinda-fat lines, etc.  So, it's possible to draw with the nib to the side like that, but only to drag the line to a taper.  The fancy look to that pen makes it rather improbable that he's doing any drawing though, and the Shutterstock original shows he's really just holding it, and the photographer thought that showing the fancy embossed top would imply luxury or something.  

Ah... advertising.

Seriously, you want to draw comics with a fountain pen?  I would applaud your decision, and direct you to these fine instruments:

Manga U has a nice collection of Tachikawa nibs and holders they offer as The Ultimate Manga Pen Set for $25.

The set consists of 4 holders and 14 nibs. A good value IMO if ink is your thing. I'm more the Faber-Castell or Sakura type.

I've also found the Pilot Razorpoint II pen to be an excellent choice for cartooning or general drawing. Nice solid black ink, good feel - and very inexpensive.

Manga U has a nice collection of Tachikawa nibs and holders they offer as The Ultimate Manga Pen Set for $25.
-40hz (November 12, 2014, 08:20 PM)
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I prefer fountain pens for that kind of work (we've been over this, haven't we? ;) ), though $25 for the dip set is a decent deal.  I have (and still use) an assortment of dip-pens, but these days I use them to draw circuit boards (thin down some inexpensive model paint and draw with it for easy and artistic etch-resist).

I'm more the Faber-Castell or Sakura type.
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I used to be a marker-point pen guy (Pigma Microns FTW!!), seemed a decent enough replacement for gravity-feed pens like the Rapidograph, but... no.  I drop pens way too much, and the first time you drop a marker pen, it eventually hits the point and it's done.  Even if you don't, the points eventually wear or dry out.  
At least, they do for me.  :(


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