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Exeone Archiver 2014 (Archive and file manage) - Unlimited Giveaway for 72 hours


There are multiple reasons for choosing Exeone Archiver 2014 over any other archive managers. This software has many features not found in similar products. Apart from being able to open, create and manage archive files, it is also a light file manager and so can do multiple useful operations with any files on Windows PC and one can use it in place of he Windows Explorer. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy-to-use.
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For promotional purpose, you can get one single license of Exeone Archiver 2014 free for 72 hours. You can also get heavy discounts on the other softwares of Exeone during this promotion.
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1. The license has to be activated before December 1st.
2. The license will offer minor version upgrades.
3. You will get limited support. But an official clarified that they never ask the users how they obtained the software, or even to prove they have it. They always answer all the questions and provide support to anyone that needs it. This is possible through the contact form and the support forum.


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