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Sorting - latest copy on top

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For the first question:

Thanks for showing me that setting for the first issue, but that doesn't quite do it.
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Can you clarify what is/is not happening?
Just a reminder that Clipboard Help + Spell will open up with whatever layout was being viewed at the moment you closed it.
So if you're like me, maybe you were testing stuff and closed it down when you were in a layout that's not the one you want?

As for the scrolling to the bottom upon first start...

I see what you mean.
I closed down Clipboard Help + Spell completely.
I then restarted it, (minimized to tray) and added a few clips.
I opened the Main Window and although my newest clips were at the top, the scrollbar was near the bottom.

I dragged the scroll bar to the top and scratched my head for moment...

Then I tried this:

I minimized Clipboard Help + Spell.
I added a few more clips and reopened the main window.

The newest clips were at the top, and so was the scrollbar (yay!)

So, I think it's a case of having to drag the scrollbar up to the top when you first start Clipboard Help + Spell... and just that once.

Subsequent maximizing and minimizing of Clipboard Help + Spell's main window will "remember" the scrollbar at the top.

Try it, and see if it "sticks" for you, also...

For the third issue, I see you are correct!  I was wrong about the individual folders being unique.  I often show and hide columns and sort and filter, etc, but I'm really partial to a specific set of columns being displayed and the sort order overall, so I never noticed that all folders were affected by the changes to one folder.  (I can be quite brain dead at times, trust me...   )

Now that my brain hurts from thinking, I've gotta take a nap.



I think the conclusion is that CHS always sorts to the bottom when you start up, and I have to try to fix that.
-mouser (November 21, 2014, 12:12 AM)
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I just tested this. I see what you mean. Though the options say it sets sort order etc. in the layout you select, it always positions the pointer at the logical "bottom" of the captured items in the pane, regardless of whether they were sorted in ascending or descending order.
I never noticed this before as I always want to sort in ascending order with the last captured clip being shown at the bottom of the pane.

If you grab the latest beta, you will find on the Tweaks tab a new option to change the default behavior and make it go to TOP of grid when selecting a new group:



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