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Sorting - latest copy on top

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Scarily, I'm feeling quite blond right now, trying to attach an image.

Here's how to do it:

► Set up your layout however you want it.
    In your case, you would have the "Created" column sorted with the little arrow pointing down.
    MAKE SURE this is the case, in every folder you care about!

► Go to Layouts (Top left, part of the menu)

► Go to bottom of the drop down and pick "Save as..."

► A small window will pop up - it allows you to save certain features of your new layout.
    Live on the edge like a true madman and check all 3 boxes.
► In the small box, there's a button that says "Save Now As...."
    Click it.
    If you didn't terminate the human race by clicking it, then go ahead and name it.
    The file manager will close and you'll be back, staring at the little open box.

► Dismiss it like you do your lowly servants, by clicking the "Done" button.

And that, sir, is your solution. :)



Thanks, I did that and it works as you state.  However, there are two issues that maybe you can help me with.  First, when the program is closed, not just minimized, and reopened I have to go into Layouts and select this one I created.  Is there a way to make this new layout the default so when the program is reopened it will have this layout active?  Second, I have another folder that I need to sort by the Notes field, is there a way to have one folder sorted by one field and another folder sorted by a different field?

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Yup and Yuppers!

The first issue gets resolved here:

The second issue is actually the default modus operandi...
IOW, when you save a layout, each folder is saved just exactly like however that folder it looks, at the moment you save the layout.

So, you can have some columns visible for your collection of cat porn, and your clips of funny knock-knock jokes sorted by how many times you snorted while laughing when you first heard it.

Sort the cat porn according to how many kittens resulted, add the viewed column to your folder of pictures of salted and buttered popcorn, and save the layout.

Then reopen Clipboard Help + Spell.

It's like Christmas, but even better, thanks to kittens and butter!!!


Wistfully wanting a kitten.  <sniff>

Thanks for showing me that setting for the first issue, but that doesn't quite do it.  And it's the same issue as dcwul62 brought up in this post.  I have a layout to sort so latest clip is at the top.  Close CHS completely and reopen.  The grid is scrolled to the bottom and now I have to scroll all the way up to get to the top clip.  What am I missing here?

I must also be missing something here on the second issue.  Whatever field I sort on in one folder applies to all the folders, no matter what layout I use.  I understand that I can create a different layout for each different sorted folder, but that would be more time consuming than just manually sorting whatever folder you're in at the moment. It would be nice to have one layout where say folder A is sorted by date, folder B is sorted by order number, etc. 

I think the conclusion is that CHS always sorts to the bottom when you start up, and I have to try to fix that.


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