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Sorting - latest copy on top

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So the *only* problem is when CHS is first launched, and this issue does not present it self when the window is closed, reopened, or when you browse around and add new clips?  It's purely an issue of the initial position in the grid when the program is initially launched?

no, with me, it is always the case. 
not only at launch, but also when rightclicking taskbar button - show main window

however, also when changing folders within CHS
- folder 'new' is selected. slider is at the top.
- then select 'my notes'
- then go back, slider is at the bottom again


go let me look into this and see what i can do about it.

I usually get CHS to open up with 3 panes:

* The left pane is the "Tree" pane, selected "All".
* The middle pane is the "Grid" pane, with the slider at the bottom, corresponding to the most recent item captured.
* The right pane is the "Memo" pane and displays the contents of the most recent item captured.
I got this by setting up the view I wanted, then saving it as a Layout called "3-pane". I have several different Layouts saved, giving different views or sort orders - e.g., one Layout is called "3-pane hide", where the "Tree" pane auto-hides.

When one shuts down CHS in a  specific Layout, it starts up in that Layout by default.
It all seems to be user-settable.

I agree with dcwul62.


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