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Sorting - latest copy on top

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It strikes me that each time when I bring up the main window, CHS sorting is so that it starts on the oldest 'entry' , i.e. the olderst data copied.

It is not really a big deal.

I just have to shift the slider

to the top.

I vainly tried to find an option to have the slider started at the top, i.e. to have the last clipboard copy displayed, instead of the oldest.

Any suggestions?


Does this help?  Note the direction of the arrow in "Created".

Sorting - latest copy on top

Forgot to add; you may need to choose which columns you see by clicking on the very small icon below:

Sorting - latest copy on top

The clips are sorted on modified date by default with me, as said, when re-opening CHS I starts off at the bottom, i.e. the oldest clip, even though it is sorted on Modified date. When launched CHS should start at the top, newest clip, at least, that's what I think..


I actually messed with some code recently in CHS to be better about not scrolling to the end of the clips unless it was appropriate.. 
That is, in past versions it was always scrolling to bottom when a new clip was added, etc., but not CHS will try to avoid doing that if it thinks you are somewhere other than at the bottom of the clip list when a new clip comes in.

But it sounds like you are describing a slightly different scenario.  Can you try to explain what's happening and what you think should happen?
Is it that you have your columns sorted to show new clips at the top (not the CHS default which puts new clips at the bottom), and that your problem is that when CHS *STARTS FOR THE FIRST TIME* the clip list is scrolled to the bottom?
Or are you saying that this clip sorting is always a problem every time you show the CHS window?
Or are you saying that CHS is not remembering which column you had sorted?
etc, etc. I need to understand the nature of the problem.

When I launch CHS the slider is at the bottom, the oldest clip, whereas I think it should be at the top.

Like this

Sorting - latest copy on top


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