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How to edit a saved image in CHS, using Screenshot Captor?


If I've just saved an image in CHS and now want to edit it, then what is the correct/quickest way to do this using Screenshot Captor?
After editing it, I want to be able to paste the edited image from the CHS Quick Paste pop-up menu.
Sorry if this is documented somewhere in the settings or a Help file, but I've been unable to find it, if it is. I wondered if I needed to write some kind of macro in AHK to trigger SC to open the image file in CHS' database.
Thanks in advance.

Ok let's see..

First, CHS stores all images that it captures from the clipboard as normal files in a special directory.
When you open up the CHS window and view an image clip, you see the image and a special toolbar above the image with command buttons that are specific to images:

One of those buttons will open a graphic editor on the image.  Another will open the folder of images so you can browse, manage, etc.

If you click the edit button, the image will be opened in your image editor and any settings will be saved to the file -- and when CHS copies this image to the clipboard it will use your modified file.

So that's the general information.  To answer your questions more directly: Screenshot Captor is still not perfectly ideal for editing random files, but you can configure it (or any other graphic editor) to be the program that CHS uses when you ask to edit an image; you'll find that setting on the "Image Capture" tab of CHS.

One more tip: CHS does not update a clip image preview automatically after you edit it -- youll have to switch away from the clip and come back to see any changes you made to the image file while the clip was still being shown in CHS.  That's something i'll try to fix soon.

^^ Thanks @mouser. That's just the sort of info I needed to do what I was intending - i.e., it's apparently already built-in to CHS, with the image editor being an optional variable setting. (I mostly use SC for image editing anyway.)
I had not realised that, nor that the the toolbar was displayed in content-sensitive fashion like that.    :-[
Quite nifty.    :Thmbsup:
Now that you have pointed it out, I shall be able play about with the possibilities.

By the way, I had realised that SC does not update a clip image preview automatically after you edit it, and so in paranoid fashion I have generally tended to use Ctrl+S to force it to save/update the image file with the latest changes. Though it's extra key depressions, it's not necessarily something that I had perceived as an avoidable delay, but I suppose every little bit helps.


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