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Request: Accommodate rectangular selection like Word?


Hi Mouser,
I hope all is well with you.  I haven't had a chance to tinker with advanced CHS stuff in a while.  (Though CHS and SSC both get used A LOT on my work puter).

Anyhow, Am tinkering now...  I'm not sure if this is even feasible, but I'd love if, from the "Modify Case/Tools" and/or the Main Window text edit area, I could select a rectangular portion of text (i.e. the same columns across multiple congruent rows...)

Here's a screenshot from Word...  It you hold down <Alt> and click-n-drag with the mouse, you get the following:

My overall goal is to get from "before" to "after" as in the image below:

If I copy the column of numbers, CHS will "Prefix" and "Suffix" the parts perfectly, but unfortunately MS Word won't let you paste into a rectangular selection...  If CHS were to handle this, I could copy the whole table from Word, do my thing, then paste it back in...   


This seems like a task for a good text editor.  PsPad is free and can do this and would make a good utility to have on hand.

Good to know.  My thot was to assign it as a "quick formatting" option in CHS.   PsPad works too though.  Thanks for the reply. 


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