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Super Early Alpha



this has no help, no instructions, and the info pages dont exist.. so its not usable per se.
but it does demonstrate basic functionality and is completely usable for anyone who is brave and wants to try to create some cheat sheets.

just follow the model of the ultra edit infopages, i'm available for help.

there are 2 sample css files, but these will NOT be the final css models - we need to come up with a set of divs and tags that all info pages should use.

anyway - this download is useless for anyone but real masochists that are bored.

i should say..  it may not look like its doing much, but its actually doing quite a bit behind the scenes..
you can also dock the window to the side of the screen, and as you use apps it will start to add buttons when it sees you using an app it knows how to help you with.

here's a pic with a little better stylesheet and template.

new version 1.01.06 uploaded


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