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is here (on DonationCoder) a software available, that allows me to control multiple Computers with ONE mouse and ONE keyboard?
I know there are many tools available on the market, I just wonder if there is something available here.



Nope, usually request like these are directed toward one of the free solutions available.

You can probably find some on

Depending on your setup and usage you may be better off with a hardware switch.  For instance if you do software development you may frequently hose the software switch.  The hardware switches can lock up too but not as easily.

I only owned one.  A Belkin kvma 2 PC switch.  Since I used PS/2 wired mouse and keyboard it was totally powered by those connections.  I think it lasted me over 10 years.  Not bad for around $60.

Synergy is probably the most popular software for this in the Windows environment - although some people (myself included) had problems getting it to work reliably. It's no longer free however. They now charge $10 for it.

+1 w/Miles above. :Thmbsup:  I also use (and prefer) a hardware KVM switch.


I started using ShareMouse that allows me to use one keyboard and one mouse for multiple devices.
You can find it here:

For me a hardware KVM is not a good solution, because I like the feature to copy text via the clipboard to my laptop and to drag and drop files between PCs.

I just wanted to know if something is offered here before I start searching.




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