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feature request for auto-screenshot

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-mouser (May 12, 2016, 08:04 AM)
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i'm sure that this program is the best in its class but it turned out that i cannot use it
because unfortunately cursor blinks every time a screen-shot is made

not in all cases but very often it distracts and irritates
especially considering the fact that it may occur circa 10 times during 1 minute

maybe it sounds like a tiny problem not worth mentioning but not for me
similar programs behave the same. and seemingly there is no solution

Im not sure why it would be making the cursor blink - it doesn't do that on my tests.  Anyone else seeing this behavior?

I'd expect that to be a videodriver issue. Updating to the latest version, best would be a WHQL approved release, may solve it.

i think, this kind of blinking is not very evident for many people
it is necessary to look at cursor attentively right in the second when a png-file is saved

i use gtx 650 (driver from 2014.03.27)
but honestly, i doubt very much that new driver could remove this blinking
moreover, it is not very convenient time to change the video-driver now (in my case)

blinking is also present (when screen-shoting) in programs: screen-shot captor (2.96.02), hidden capture (3.2)

I see no such blinking in either program, so something is weird with your setup i think..


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