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feature request for auto-screenshot

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i have a proposal concerning the implementation of the feature #2:
theoretically, a simple option may be more or less sufficient - 'move each new 200 screenshots into new sub-folder'
of course, '200' should be changeable
sub-folders should be entitled either '1', '2', '3'... or (better) according to the pattern defined by a user [see 2nd part of the 1st post in this topic]

there is a small additional feature request: a possibility to save auto-screenshots into a different folder
in other words: 1 folder for screenshots made via hot-key, the other folder for auto-screenshots

I am considering a spin-off of Screenshot Captor specialized for auto-capturing of large numbers of images, sort of like an always-on screencast recording, with specialized features for reviewing past "recordings".

this spin-off is very interesting for me
especially because i had to delete the program "screenshot maker" after several days of testing (without a reason it started to create completely black images, where cursor was the only properly captured element)

I am considering a spin-off of Screenshot Captor
-mouser (November 19, 2014, 07:53 AM)
--- End quote ---
are there any news concerning this idea?

only in the sense that yes i implemented it :)


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