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Installation switches?

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Actually, I may have to stop deploying FFR. While I think your terms of use are fine, I can't send out units that have popups every time the machine is turned on. It looks like a malware infestation. The AV is doing something similar, and the combination of the two is overwhelming at this point. I hadn't noticed this at first, until I used a clone of an earlier install and presumably clocked enough FFR starts to trip the popup behavior.

I think the problem is that FRR begins its popup based on time of install rather than openings. Since my clones may be months old, they begin tripping the popups immediately. The buyer therefore has no grace period, and is confronted with the popups just as he is first evaluating the machine.

I see your point.. I could fix that..
Another option would be to give you a license key you could install that didn't make noise until several months had passed.

I could also wait to install FRR until my shipping prep, but that's a little dicey. Sometimes (like today) I rush to make the day's mail. I also have FRR on several clone images that that would not work for, unless I both uninstall and scour the registry before a reinstall.


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