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How can I back up and restore tray configuration, please>


I run Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, UAC On, user account.  Lately I've had a number of BSODs.  When Windows finally crawls back into action, I usually find the tray has been partially scrambled.  The Network icon is usually missing, and the icons whose notifications I've customized are all set to Hide when inactive.

Please, is there any way to save the tray configuration for these, so I don't have to change them back to the way I want them by hand?


I don't know where the settings are kept.  My first thought would be try ERUNT registry backup.

Note that it talks about NT but I still use it on Windows 8. If it gives an error try running it as Administrator.  Restoring with it changes fewer things than using a Restore Point.

i wouldn't mess with any registry restoration unless you are damn sure its not changing other settings..


settings are probably kept in key


in values iconstreams and pasticonstreams (actual items amd past items, accordingly)

i wouldn't mess with any registry restoration unless you are damn sure its not changing other settings..
-mouser (October 31, 2014, 06:36 PM)
--- End quote ---

I've been using this since NT.  In the readme it details how to set up a rotating backup of 7 days(or you can set another number) so that every first boot of the day you are backed up.  The oldest is deleted on wrap around.  The hives backed up are described and you can choose which to back up.

If the specific settings can be isolated that's fine.  But most find ERUNT another layer of protection. There used to be an ERU command in Win9x which is what this emulates.

Even if set up for automatic run you can always run it manually after a program install or whatnot.  Hasn't burned me yet.  As noted in the readme the main issue is if you run the restore after booting from other than the HD.  In which case you need to change the restore batch file to use the correct drive letter.   Step by step is given in the readme.  It's a bit densely packed with info.  But in most cases to restore you just open the C:\erdnt folder and double click inside the saved folder(they are saved with date/time names by default) that you wish to load from.


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