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Power Cord Falling Out

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My problem here is that I'm using a laptop computer as a desktop computer (at school) and the power cord keeps falling out. :mad: I'd like a program that shows a red box that fills most of the screen when the power cord is unplugged and closes it when you click it or when you plug the power cord back in.

I seem to remember something like this posted on the forum.. but if not, i'd like to second this request. I've run out of battery power before because the cord had come unplugged and I didn't notice.

I know the request is for power cord  :-[ ... but may be BatteryDeley?

This one looks like it.


One of the features is it can popup a tray notification when the power source changes.  I'm going to try it myself.

Edit:  there's a writeup on Addictive Tips

Edit:  I seem to have found one bug.  If you set cursor to never show the battery percentage charge, it shows even if you close the program.  Log off and log back in seems to fix it.  I like it.  After 5 minutes of messing around I got rid of the big battery display.  The power change notification is on by default.  It seems to work.

A freeware.  :)

-MilesAhead (October 29, 2014, 02:02 PM)
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Thanks @MilesAhead, that looks like it could be rather more useful than any laptop power system software that I have yet come across. I shall have to try it out now.


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