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Program Idea: Fungus for Windows

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Hi, coding fellows!

Here is an idea dear to my heart.  A long time ago I had a Mac (yeah...) and a game called "Fungus".  It was a wonderful game - one of those simple games that you love and can play over and over and never get bored of.  But it disappeared.  Later someone revived it and called it "MacFungus" and then there was a network version called "NetFungus" - all Mac games.

I am dreaming of a Fungus game for Windows, and I am hoping someone will write it for the NANY!

You are a fungus, and the goal of the game is to consume your opponent (wonderful, no?).

Soooo, the gameboard is square, and you can have from two to four players; if you don't have that many players, the computer can replace someone.

The gameboard is a grid (like minesweeper in a way), and each player starts off with just their fungus' brain (a sort of smiley face), and each player has their own colour.
At the beginning of each player's turn, he receives a randomly generated piece - a shape - like a tetris block.  This block he can place as an addition to his fungus body.  He can only place the block in such a way that it touches his own fungus.  You can rotate this block before you place it.

 - If a player manages to get any of his opponent's body between (as in touching on two sides) two of his own body's appendages (made with the random shapes) his fungus "takes over" all the fungus between those shapes, and so the consumed parts change to the colour of the consumer.
 - If a player manages to cut his opponent into two parts, the part without the brain dies and disappears.
 - If a players brain gets consumed, his game is over and his entire fungus body becomes part of the consumer.

Then there is the "tooth" that you may receive instead of a fungus-body-growth-piece.  With a tooth, you can bite your opponent and take a tile from him.  This lets you inject your fungus into part of the opponent and allows you to get an appendage on one side and allows for the strategy necessary to consume the other guys.  You don't have to use a tooth, and you can save them.

 - Then there are "Big Bites" - you save up three tooths and use them all at once to take out 3 blocks from your opponent at once instead of just one.
 - In the "MacFungus" game, if you got any of your fungus into one of the four corners, you get a bonus tooth.
 - There are sound effects.  When you use a tooth, the game makes a chomping sound.  If you surround a part of your opponent and consume it, you get a chewing and munching sound.  The best is when you get a bite followed by the munching sound.

To win the game, you must be the only player left alive.

I scavenged a few old screenshots from "MacFungus" that I found on the internet.  I can't find any images of the original "Fungus" - but I know that that game dates back to 1990 at least.
See my attachments for screenshots.

I am interested to assist by way of consultation!  It's been a long time since I played this game, but it doesn't exist any more, and I would love to have it for Windows.


Here is my autohotkey thread on the subject.
And here is a youtube video of the original game in action!

Mr. Unlimited Bacon made an Android app out of, but never completed it; it works, but you can tell it isn't finished.

sounds fun.

It's real fun!  I hope somebody wants to make it!

Ha ha!  I'm still hoping!

I never worked out how to make a computer game out of this, but I did design it into a board game!  It's a bit tedious though when one fungus takes over a large part of another fungus.


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