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Remote Desktop for Kindle


Can anyone recommend a standard RDP app that is available in the Kindle store?  I'm trying to find a good one for my wife to access her work PC from her new Kindle.

I say a standard app, meaning not one that uses an intermediary server like LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, etc.  I don't think the IT staff wants her installing anything on her PC so that precludes a whole class of remote access apps.  I've installed the Sonicwall app on her Kindle so she has access to the corporate network, and she gets in from home using RDP so she's used to that.

I installed the 2X app and the AccessToGo app to try out. Both work, but both seem a little more awkward than they should.  I have the Microsoft RD client on my Nexus 7, and I think it works pretty well, but that does not appear to be available from the Kindle store.

I also bought the Xtralogic client a few years ago, so I tried that from my Nexus and found it terribly unintuitive. The price is up to $15us now too, so I won't be putting that on.

Any thoughts? I'm not opposed to spending a little on a good app that works as it should, although one with a free trial would be nice. So far AccessToGo wins, but I hope that's because I haven't tried whatever you will recommend...

PS- I have a bluetooth keyboard on order for her too, I think the on screen keyboard would push her over the brink on a 7" tablet!  :P


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