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A Malicious


Google blacklisted several days ago in a move that caught many publishers off guard. We started seeing spotty reports of being blacklisted over the weekend and it has now gone full-blown with all links apparently being blacklisted by Chrome as hosting malware.


Delicious has changed hands several times over the years and recently was re-sold earlier this year to Science Inc. They also rebranded several years ago to which is not blacklisted, but there are likely a large number of legacy .us links out there. [Edit: Thanks Kelson] has now been removed from Google’s Safe Browsing list which is the list that Google maintains of known malicious websites that engage in malware distribution and phishing. [Edit: Correction, we are still seeing links being flagged by Google's GSB and Chrome] It’s also one of the data sources that Wordfence uses to scan your site’s files, posts and comment for malicious activity and infections.
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So, what you need to do is go through your websites, find and fix any Delicious links that are pointing to the old legacy domain and change them all to


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