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All Simpson's episodes available for streaming free to US cable subscribers


If you're a Matt Groening fan, this is pretty cool. :Thmbsup:

From the Verge (article here)

Landing syndication rights to The Simpsons was a huge deal for the FXX network, and it's trying to make the absolute most out of them. It's now made every single episode of the show available to stream online and through apps for iOS and Android. They'll also be available to stream through the FXNow app for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and select smart TVs and other streaming boxes. A cable subscription with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or several other US providers is required, but streaming episodes is free beyond that.

The streaming service is being called Simpsons World, and FXX is loading it up with clips, quotes, and playlists designed to help viewers explore the show's catalog. It'll even display the current popularity of each episode across each season, as well as how many views they have. It's clear that a good amount of time was spent tailoring this service to the show, and that should make it a pretty appealing way for a lot of people to start streaming.
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