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Hi, I am trying to figure a way to alter Skrommel's excellent clipstep program I've used for years.  The problem is twice now I've accidentally deleted all my clips (5000 :( ) and they apparently go nowhere, not to the recycle bin or anywhere that I can find.  I didn't mean to delete them just accidentally hit x too many times.  Is there a way to take out that option? (I tried altering the script and somehow I make it automatically delete all clips again so I'm doing it wrong), or have them delete to the recycle bin so they be retrieved or at the very least add in an extra layer or two of confirmation to stop me from doing this.  If someone knows where they are deleted to, that would be great also.  Thanks.  Kelly

hi Kellyzkorner,
I cant help you with your request, but wanted to say:
if the clips are important to you, you should back them up regularly.
Even more so if you are messing around with the script ...

Link for anyone wanting a look at ClipStep:

Good point Tomos, and I had backed some up.  They weren't super important, just mostly saved web sites etc, snippets of code but I should have backed them up. 


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