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Thumbnails in explorer only show flower image...


I used to be able to see the the thumbnail images of what I had just made a screenshot for.

Now, on the left margin of the main window, all I see are thumbnails with an image of an orange and yellow dandelion with the file name I assigned and .png.

I explored all the preference settings and didn't see any kind of fix for this.

Please advise..


AFAIK that panel uses windows explorer -
does Windows Explorer work for you for png file thumbnails?

OS info maybe? & SC version (current non-beta is 4.9.0) may be helpful

Actually in Windows Explorer .png thumbnails has the same issue..interesting.

I believe I used to save as .jpeg so never noticed this issue.

Windows 7
Just upgraded to v4.9.1

sounds like a corrupted thumbnails cache, you can try resetting the cache.

found a tutorial via google.


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