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help making ctrl-O open 'options' from farr command window

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Back when we were all in grade school, if you typed "Ctrl-O" into farr it would open the options window.

I vaguely recall a post that it was conflicting with something else and had to get unplugged.

Is there a way for me to wire this back up in my own installation?  I still miss having a hotkey that would take me from the farr command window into the options window.

Thanks for any suggestions!

you can add your own hotkey to call up Farr's options (see pic below).

Thanks for the suggestion lanux128, but it makes a global ctrl-o that overrides all ctrl-o's in any app.  I should have been more clear.  I'd like to trigger farr, and then with the cursor inside the farr command window, be able to hotkey to the options page.

I use alt-j to trigger farr, and still can't burn it out of my skull: alt-j, alt-o.

in that case, you can use an alias to invoke the options from Farr's main window. however instead of using Ctrl+O, you just type 'o' and press 'Enter'.

--- ---1000>>>o>->Options | restartsearch gooptions /ICON=icons\Core-Farr.ico>+>^o$

more infothe above alias was adapted from the default 'helpfarr' alias.

I can't remember what the history was regarding the Ctrl+O hotkey inside FARR.. I'm going to have to go back and look..


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