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Being a bit nitpicky, but... icon image missing in toolbar for a shortcut


I'm an avid user of portable apps so one thing I test is whether an application supports relative pathing (it's a shame that there are portable applications that don't actually... given that they are portable). I found that FARR supported relative pathing but the icon for the shortcut of an application I added on the toolbar was lost/corrupted when I changed from absolute pathing to relative pathing. I don't know enough about this to be able to tell whether this is the nature of relative pathing or something that can be fixed for FARR. If I want to use relative pathing for all my applications, then I would have a bunch of identical corrupt icons on the toolbar.

By the way, if  mouser sees this:

Do you have any interest in creating a portable replacement for Windows Explorer? I was looking for one that supports tabs feature and maybe dual pane. Many of the popular ones I tried out looked awful and felt clunky. I found CubicExplorer: which actually looks decent, has an internal text file editor, video player, and PDF viewer. Unfortunately, development stopped over 2 years ago and users have since reported bugs, though nothing big hindering basic functions of the application. Actuaally, I found that the ability to add shortcut buttons on the interface to be extremely helpful on a windows explorer (shortcuts for most frequently used locations) and was disappointed that the alternatives I've tried did not allow me to change the paths of the pre-configured shortcut buttons for only the root of the drives (C:\, D:\, etc. only).


Thanks for the bug report mindstormer -- I should be able to fix that fairly easily.  :up:
As for replacing windows explorer -- there are so many good and powerful explorer replacements, i don't think i could do it justice.

Re the Explorer replacement, you might get a couple of ideas in this dc thread (it's very old--but still active):
What's your preferred File Manager

Thanks for responses, will check it out.

Filipe Meira Castro:
The relative path actually works, there is a bug when you set it up(not showing the icon) but if you restart the app it works!

At least if you mean the same as me,

Below a quote from FARR v3 ''wish list''

1. Toolbar shortcut items that are defined with relative path are not showing the icon. (..\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe does not get the winamp icon but c:\sw\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe does!) (it does show icons after restart but it removes all the relative toolbar icons if clicked again "Configure Toolbar" and "OK")


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