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can't get fcalc to do more than one calculation at a time


I have fcalc 1.11.01 and in the config box under "Regular Expression (custom override)" I have:

^=(.*)$|^=$|^fc (.*)$|^fc$

... which brings up fcalc when I type '=' into farr.  So far so good.

But after I do a calculation, say '=1+2' and hit enter, it shows the expression and the result in the window below and it replaces the command line with 'fc ' and at the bottom of the window it says 'FCalc plugin by mouser'.  But it doesn't respond to further typing.  For example, 'fc 3*4' does not show 12.  Although it does still say 'Fcalc plugin by mouser' at the bottom.  If I remove the space 'fc3' it switches back to a farr search and shows me anything that matches fc3.

Would love to type '=1+2' and get '3', and then continue typing '3*4' and get '12'.

In the "Regular Expression match (default)" box I have:

^fc (.*)$|^fc$

Thanks for any suggestions.

if you don't mind using an alias to complement the plugin, the following alias will do what you want.

for easier copy-pasting, you can copy the following text and import into Farr's alias section.

--- ---1000>>>FarrCalc>->dosearch fc $$1>+>^=(.*)
note: you may have to restore the plugin's default regex.

Absolutely *golden* lanux128!!  Perfect!  (and yes on deleting the 'custom override' regexp).

Thanks a million!  It's bothered me for years, but small, like a really, really tiny splinter.

Thanks a million!  It's bothered me for years, but small, like a really, really tiny splinter.-ottenm (October 26, 2014, 04:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

you're welcome and should have posted sooner, the "splinter" wouldn't have bothered you this long.. :)

also take a look here, it might give you more ideas on expanding Farr's usage.

• FARR V2 core alias tables -

Awesome list lanux128, thank you!!


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