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The Best Way to handle finding and removiong Duplicate Files

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I fixed it I hope.  In the future I will try to be more on target as well.

I use WinMerge, which is a free download. It allows you to look at two folders, side by side, and see if files are indeed identical, different, newer, older, etc... You can then select one file, either left or right side, and delete it. You can also copy a file from left to right or right to left, then delete the one you don't want.

I am afraid I dont have a solution for company-wide "possibly" duplicate files in the same folder
except for a semi-automated process wherein the manual process you do diff. Scanning and
directory listing can be automated but you will need to be careful before choosing to delete something.

Choosing carefully a selection of files that look like possible duplicates.
Diff them manually.
Delete the duplicates.

Scan the directory fast.
Produce a large list of files that look like possible duplicates.

Here is how I do duplicate file detection for personal use. I use CCLEANER.
Click on Tools> Duplicate file finder...

Screenshot attached.

Hi forum,

is there any news on a possibly best duplicate finder?

I'm looking for a program where I can check a specific folder (typically like the "Downloads" folder...) to see if the files it contains already exist somewhere else on the computer -- possibly also under a different name.

Thanks for tips or experience!

Done. I am very confident that one does not have to look any further than to AllDup.


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