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copy paste utility for excel


In an excel workbook with several worksheets after create a target worksheet a script able to collect by copying the content of each existing worksheet and pasting in the target worksheet by order.

Pasting at the end of the target worksheet

Any script tha make a quick selection of the worksheet is also useful. Any help to make easier the process is welcome.
I am doing copying and pasting from one worksheet to the target one.

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P.D. I was thinking in a script language like AHK

I have mounted several xls files in one with

copy paste utility for excel

The file in zip is a xls excel file format . A Workbook with several worksheets to be combined in one by copying

This thread should be closed by a moderator, the exact same question by the same OP is already in another thread.

Ath I am trying to obtain a code snack in this section.
I have tried several internet utilities with no success.
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