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(Hypothetical): If DC Grouped Together...What could be achieved?

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Something I have often thought about, is the sheer amount of power that could be obtained by grouping together all of the Developers and Designers here at DonationCoder...Now...What could we achieve if everybody got together on ONE HUGE PROJECT?

Could we create some massive game?  Some huge Software release?

I don't know...but you might!

What do you think we could all hypothetically make as a collective?


Perhaps roast one of those giant Japanese hornets with our body heat? ;) (kidding...just kidding...)

We might accomplish DoCo 2.0, or perhaps not.  :-[

We'd probably accomplish too many opinions, too much discussing, and no actual decisions that are actionable by anyone. Comparable to the development of any of a number of famous vaporware projects.

In a nutshell, we'd have to bring in an outside project manager, highly experienced in dealing with large groups of fiercely independent personalities, to have any hope of getting the project off the ground. Otherwise, we will just all run around doing our own thing, waiting for someone to tell us what needs to be done and what our part in it will be.

I am sorry that I am not kidding. Just being realistic.

^ That is a sadly correct assessment.

I occasionally have the unrealistic fantasy that groups like this one can put together a project that would provide incomes for the members who participate.  Sort of like using our talents/passions/skills to free us from perhaps our normal methods of making a living, which may be less than satisfying.  But these kinds of ideas never seem to really take off, and instead turn into soon to be abandoned open source projects.

I would be very interested if any such project was able to generate additional income for participants in a good way.


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