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57-Year-Old Man Skydives From Stratosphere, Breaking Baumgartner’s Record



Felix Baumgartner shattered the world record for highest-altitude jump when he famously plummeted 128,100 feet to Earth on October 9, 2012. Sponsored by Red Bull, the event was an international phenomenon as 12.6 million people watched the event live. In the early morning hours of October 24, 57-year-old computer scientist Alan Eustace quietly broke that record by completing a jump from over a mile higher at 135,890 feet.

He had partnered with Paragon Space Development Corporation and was testing one of their life support spacesuits; the event was not done merely for publicity. The suit protected Eustace from the drastic temperature changes as he ascended and then descended through the atmosphere, and provided pure oxygen for him to breathe.
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