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Super-sized Newsletter for Oct 25, 2014 - Codename: NANY 2015 Preppers

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Thanks for the info Mouser!

Thanks for the time and effort of compiling these threads into this latest newsletter. I found a few interesting threads that I had missed. Thanks!

As usual, great newsletter -- and it's been a particularly useful diversion of attention from things that make me go  :wallbash: so many thanks!

Excellent question bernie.  And good guess stephen -- but not quite correct.  Who can guess (moderators not allowed to try), how the spammers were caught who didn't make a post (or even try to make a post)?
-mouser (October 26, 2014, 08:21 PM)
--- End quote ---

When they use the Cranch Wire too much and start to lose control of their emotions? Spammers live in vain!

Oh wait ...

thanks mouser !  :)


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