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Super-sized Newsletter for Oct 25, 2014 - Codename: NANY 2015 Preppers

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Super-sized Newsletter for Oct 25, 2014"Codename: NANY 2015 Preppers"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Greetings. It's been a whopping 156 days since the last newsletter, and in that time..
 New threads started: 1,300.
 New posts: 12,000 (number of those deleted as spam: 468).
 New members who joined: 13,600 (number of those banned for spamming: 700).
 New donors: 714.

The important news to tell you about is that our big "New Apps for the New Year (NANY) 2015" event is fast approaching.  You can read all about it below, in the first section of the newsletter. We'd love to have your participation in it.

See you on the forum!
-jesse (mouser)

2. NANY 2015 Event (New Apps for the New Year)

Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world on January 1st of the new year (browse previous year entries here).

There are no winners or losers, it's simply a celebration of programming and creating new software and sharing it with the world.  Everyone who participates gets a commemorative mug.  You can target any operating system (desktop or mobile) or even make a web-based tool.  It can be a game, utility, large application, whatever.

* NEW APPS FOR THE NEW YEAR 2015 - Start your engines
* NANY 2015 Main Forum Section
* NANY Pre-release: Link Warlock
* NANY Pledge: Some Kind of Unique Productivity Tool
* NANY Ideas Wanted
* NANY Q&A - What software can be submitted?
* NANY Pre-release: Dedicated Windows client for Slack
* NANY Teaser: Rotate (Android Game)

3. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We love nothing more than having interesting discussions on our forum -- and we love when new people participate in the discussions.  In each newsletter we try to highlight a few topics that we think might interest casual readers and that are good candidates for making your first post.

* RIP Saffron my dearest cat
* Talents and talent shows
* Your favorite podcasts?
* Your favorite cartoons of yesterday and today?
* Long time members with over 50 posts, report for disbursement duty
* Ideas wanted for celebrating 10th Anniversary of
* I'd like to get a Windows Tablet: help me decide.
* Do you use a Portrait mode monitor?
* Do we have any musical people on DC?

4. Mouser's Software Updates

I've uploaded some updates to many of my large applications since the last newsletter.  As always, you can find the list of what's new both in the online help pages (linked from each program homepage) or in the forum thread about the application (also linked from each program homepage).

* Screenshot Captor v4.9.1 - Major new features
* Clipboard Help+Spell v2.26 - Major improvements
* URL Snooper v2.36.01
* MiniCap 1.31
* Point Motivator v1.11.01
* Drag and Drop Robot 1.15.01
* MultiPhotoQuotes v2.04
* Form Letter Machine v1.14.01
* Discussion - What other helper tools do you use with Screenshot Captor?
* Discussion - Screenshot Captor beta feature: drop file onto current image to combine

5. Skwire Empire Software Updates and New Releases

DC member skwire is one of the more prolific coders of utilities on our site -- he roams the coding snack request section and pounces like a jaguar when he finds something that catches his eye.  He's released a ton of updates to his software since the last newsletter, including some updates and a few brand new releases:

* sChecklist - New! Simple checklist/todo utility
* SigcheckGUI - New! Check security signatures of applications
* epCheck v1.1.5
* Files 2 Folder v1.1.5
* Frameless v1.1.4
* Lucidity v1.0.5
* Media Player Hotkeys (MPH) v1.1.0
* sCheckbook v1.1.2
* SFV Ninja v1.2.4
* Snap DB v1.4.8
* Spews v1.0.5
* sPlaylistMaker v1.0.7
* sStockQuote v1.0.8
* sWeather v1.5.3
* Waste Not v1.0.8

6. Coding Snacks, Mini-reviews, and other Member Projects

We love to keep up with projects that our members are working on, and hearing what our forum members think of software they use.  If you're working on something interesting -- let us know!

* Larger point Dina fonts for newer laptops with full HD resolution? (1920x1080)
* ExportSnapshot - Lightroom plug-in to create snapshot on export
* GoogleTranslator+ | Translate Anything, from Anywhere
* Note5
* Key eMate - The Best and Free Keyboard Assistant
* Beta access to RESTola ( Generated and Hosted RESTful API's )
* 4wTiles - Cover Unwanted Areas using Tile-Windows
* Toolsley - browser based tools
* Select Copy - Auto-copy selected text
* eZiTimer - Best Free Timer for Windows
* Dr.Windows web-based version
* QuickPicZone - tool to quickly make Scan Tailor picture zone
* DC MicroGathering USA<->Germany
* I'm posting a small utility class I wrote for files, in C#
* Mini-review: AdGuard, the better Ad Muncher?
* Mini-review: Classic Shell (shell alternative for Windows 7/8)
* Mini-review: ProjectSend
* Mini-review: SoftMaker Office HD for Android tablets

7. Website Discoveries, Debates, Essays, Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out..

* - for publishing books
* Interesting Academic Blog: Overcoming Bias
* 58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do
* Google, designing the font of the future
* Nextdoor: The anti-facebook social network for neighborhoods
* Stephens Weekly Tech/Science News Roundup 1
* Stephens Weekly Tech/Science News Roundup 2
* Stephens Weekly Tech/Science News Roundup 3
* Stephens Weekly Tech/Science News Roundup 4
* Antilock-breaking (ABS) vs Stabilty Control (ESP) vs Traction Control Video
* What is the logic of bezier curves? (for Illustrator pen tool)
* Interesting study comparing reading on paper vs tablets
* Everything Is Broken
* Current web-based RSS readers - What is your pick?
* Everyone is brokenhearted.
* Service: Proof of Existence

8. Specific Software Discussions

Some noteworthy discussions about specific software applications on the forum since the last newsletter.

* TrueCrypt is Now Abandonware?!
* Windows 10 Announced
* NaNoWriMo Scrivener Offer
* Ad Muncher 5 will be free
* Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.40 - *FREE*
* WinPatrol has a new developer
* Firefox windows and CPU slow-downs and restarts
* Copy massive folder/file directory....
* Calibre 2 is out
* Cyberfox Anyone?
* CintaNotes Giveaway + 30% Discount
* All Seeing Eye extension for Chrome - History search optimized
* Bleep… Bittorrent unveils serverless & encrypted chat client
* SpeedCrunch: calculator (for keyboard) & formula book!
* Frustrated Mom Creates ‘Ignore No More’ App To Get Teen Kids To Return Calls
* Anyone using CherryTree for Windows, or Linux for that matter?
* World's weirdest file manager
* Everything Search Engine: tips, tricks, ideas and code for poweruse

9. General Software Discussions

Some noteworthy general software discussions on the forum since the last newsletter.

* Best keyword-powered program launchers for Windows: Find and Run Robot is on top
* Deeper into the Windows Registry - Work-in-Progress Article on Gizmo's
* 7 Best Tools To Print To PDF (From The Web)
* New BitTorrent client needed, suggestions please?
* Mind Mapping Software - What are the current top players now?
* DotTech Newsletter
* CMD-commands
* Recommend image comparison tool, please?
* collaborative software, note strong, for small biz
* Looking for calendar software
* Looking for desktop calendar software that can sync with Google Calendar
* "Delayed Write Failed" — on FIVE computers at a time? Antivirus to blame
* Top 25 Free Windows Utilities
* Nice guide to using a RAM disk
* pdf tool for search and removal of batches of elements in pdf
* Maple Prof. Review or An alternative outliner? And Ultra Recall vs. MyInfo again
* Looking for a project time tracker/nag tool that keeps me writing billable notes
* Comprehensive List of Where to Report Anti-virus Company False Positives

10. Entertainment, Games, and Humour

Here's a collection of some diversionary web browsing links posted on the forum recently.

* One Chance: A game you can only play once
* The Internet With a Human Face
* The Onion launches new site: Clickhole
* Accent Tour Videos
* Hack Your VCR!
* Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?
* Movie Trivia: How Many Can You Get?
* No cameras allowed in SCOTUS? No problem! We'll use dogs
* More good web comics you've discovered
* Suggested top 30 solitaire board games
* If programming languages were weapons
* Homebrewing

11. Developer's Corner

This section highlights some discussions that might be relevant for not just coders and developers, but also people interested in entrepreneurial issues.

* Markdown (and what do you do when a community outgrows your contribution)
* Blog Essay: The Indie (Game) Bubble Is Popping
* Donate a Vote, Make a Mobile App Happen
* Programming on a Keyboard… a Piano Keyboard
* Regular expressions 101
* Software patents are crumbling thanks to the Supreme Court
* MakeUseOf: Understanding How Open Source Software Developers Make Money
* Huge awards for developing open source educational self-teaching software
* Google's new "Hey Indies! Pay or your video won't play!" subscription service.
* Kickstarter TOS Updates
* Phoenix -'s open-source clone of Swift a "friendly nudge" to Apple
* Extra Credits: Propaganda Games & Why Games Do Cthulhu Wrong
* Patreon for software developers? (Crowd funding)
* The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works
* CLION: A new (cross-platform, commercial) C++ IDE
* - another learning channel
* Ludum Dare 30: August 22-25, 2014
* Apple debuts new programming language for iOS: Swift

12. Security News

There were so many security-related posts on the forum in the last month that we have a section of the newsletter devoted to the issue.

* Bash exploit discovered
* Best Independent web page about security (fight against viruses, pc security...)
* Kevin Mitnick Is Now Selling Zero-Day Exploits
* SSL broken, again, in POODLE attack
* Massive malvertising campaign on Yahoo, AOL and other sites delivers ransomware
* DONE: Tool that lists digitally signed files from a folder/disk
* Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw

13. Linux and Hardware Hangout

While the lion's share of technical discussions on our forum involve Microsoft Windows software, hardware and linux threads are becoming increasingly common.

* Snap Circuits - Good electronic construction kit gift for young kids (8-10yrs)
* Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives, with 10TB and HAMR on the horizon
* Does anybody seriously think an e-book is still the better option most times?
* DRM in your coffee maker, to stop you from brewing unlicensed coffees
* Must have firmware upgrade for Samsung 840 EVO SSDs
* Android: Beware Old Android Browser (CVE-2014-6041)
* Linux Foundataion's $2400 Intro to Linux course to be offered online for free
* No time for Man pages? Cheat!
* LINUX: It's official - Mint 17 "Qiana" released to distribution
* LINUX: Remarkable - a very simple previewing Markdown editor for Linux
* Replicant developers find and close Samsung Galaxy backdoor
* Thousands of Android apps reveal private App-develeloper keys

That moment when you realize you browse DC way to much, because every link on here is that lighter shade of blue, which points out you have already visited them at least once!

Awesome newsletter though!

^ That  :-[

(browse previous year entries here)
-mouser (October 25, 2014, 07:53 AM)
--- End quote ---
I think a link is missing 'here'?


 New members who joined: 13,600 (number of those banned for spamming: 700).
 New donors: 714.
--- End quote ---

Fun to work out figures!

If 13,600 new members joined and 700 of those got Spam-Banned - That means 94.85% of those registrations are legitimate (At least...have not spammed or got banned)...For you pessimists, that means a figure of 5.15% of new members at DC where horrible spammers!

If those 714 New Donors are also New Members, then that works out to be 5.25% of the people who signed up in the last 156 Days actually donated! - And again...for the pessimists out there...94.75 of those people DIDN'T donate!

Just another pointless semi-factual post from your friendly forum nutcase!  ;D

I don't get it.  468 messages deleted as spam by 700 spammers banned.   
Does this mean that each spammer only created, on average, 0.668 of a spam?
How do you create a partial spam?


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