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SOLVED: Explorer Context Menu to Move Selected Items to Specific Folders

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For XP there was such a free program, called FolderTargets.  Unfortunately it does not work at all in Windows 8.1.

I can't find any program out there that can replace it.

Idea is to select some items, folders or files.  Right-click on them.  In context menu there will be an item:  Move to...

Putting the mouse pointer on that ("Move to..."), a sub-menu will come up, listing various pre-defined 'targets' to move the selected items to.

Click on one of those, and the selected items will head to the proper folder.  Lickety split.


Move to...

Furthermore, if possible, the "Move to..." should be placed at the TOP of the context menu list that pops up, or close to the top.  (Less searching for it among the other riff-raff.)

The key is to have the sub-menu with the specific target folders.  It's a pain searching for these if they are not right at hand in such a sub-menu.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

For years I have used xplorer² (a 2-pane tabbed replacement for Windows Explorer) for things like this.
xplorer² includes "Move" and "Copy" commands that pop up a panel allowing you to Move/Copy files. Here is the Move panel, with a description:

This looks like it could be relevant/useful, and so might be of interest: MoveOut by @Skrommel.
MoveOut v1.2
Download programAutoHotkey sourcecode205KB

Make rules to move files automatically.
- Rightclick the tray icon to configure
- Choose Settings to change rules and options
- Choose Enable to Start or Stop all the rules

Use it to make a rule that moves files from the desktop to a subfolder, based on file type, part of a filename, or whatever. Have it ask to replace existing files, or rename them. It can also ignore files.

--- End quote ---

All appreciated advice, Iain.  What would be involved in meeting my specific request would be a registry entry, a somewhat complicated one.

Coded and saved to file: MoveStuff.reg

One double-clicks on that file, and..., presto, from then on the context menu will contain "Move to..." after selecting various items, and a set of sub-menu folders to choose from.

MoveStuff.reg would have to be open to editing, so that people could put in their own folders, and change around as needed over time.

In order to write such a file a 'programmer' would have to have some intimate knowledge writing registry entries.

Is there anything wrong with FileMenu Tools ?

Move To

Move the selected elements to another folder. Filters may be specified in order to move specific file types.
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