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Wanted to get some opinions on current ultrabooks if possible


She also is not fond of spending big bucks on anything and in some cases I have to agree.  Bu Murphy's Laws and a trail of bad luck had put me through 3 systems in the past 4 weeks,

Screen size, Touchpad, Memory, Speed, Storage, wifi capability and battery life.  She uses the same system as her desktop when in the office

Every one of the normal brand ultra-books I tried failed for one reason or another. And I wondered if anyone had found the perfect mix.  SSD would be nice but 256 is too small for her, must be 500GB minimum.  8GB RAM is necessity.I5 or I7 depending on price. 13-14 “screen, no larger.  Weight as low as it can go.  Touchpad that works like a TOUCHAD with no fancy whirly finger motions.  No Multi triple function F keys. Must have webcam and Windows 8.1 OS. Other than that it should work as well on WiFi as it does on wired as she travels more than home or office.  Reliability would be a big Plus.
It seems that out of every brand I set up from the YOGA-2 to the Toshiba Ultra she has now and a couple others in-between.  They all seem to fail at critical moments.  It is my opinion that most of what is hitting the market right now seems to be set for Low price not quality or performance.
I usually get one or two days to set up the next one before she leaves again and right away I start getting the phone calls.  “Pointer won’t move” or, “Outlook is frozen”, or “Touch-pad acting weird”, or, in the WORST case lately, hard-drive died! (That one I blame on  Murphy!!)

Tomorrow I have to find another one and wondered if anyone had any suggestions with pricing at $1000 +/- $100 with specs as above.  I would love to go with the Intel Surface Pro but in addition to price being high, it just doesn’t feel very sturdy.  Drop it and you better have Replacement Insurance on it.

Thanks to all for any suggestions. And this has to be a normal production model I can pickup locally custom load and have ready for her to leave with on Monday  :(

I have nothing to contribute that will help...but I must ask something...

You said "She" a couple of times as if you are referring to somebody...but make no indication as to to enlighten us?  :D

I mainly ask because the start of your post makes literally no is almost as if you brought us all in half way through a conversation:

She also is not fond of spending big bucks on anything and in some cases I have to agree.
--- End quote ---

As Stephen says, a confusing post ...

Every one of the normal brand ultra-books I tried failed for one reason or another.
-questorfla (October 24, 2014, 12:50 AM)
--- End quote ---

can you give us a list of what exactly you mean by "Every one..." ?

From your description I got the impression there is also some user education required. I have a hard time imagining that each (new) system only lasting a week or so in her hands...

Unfortunately, I have met highly intelligent and well educated people working in IT, which I wouldn't trust to copy data to a pendrive...after all, when it is full, you format it right? And then wonder what happened with the previous data. And panic...

While I was thinking that they were pulling a joke on me, my "I wouldn't do that if I were you" was disregarded and went ahead anyway. After all, what does a person with my rank and a different function know anyway? Well, after salvaging their data and explaining compression, my military function was adjusted, allowing me to do a lot more IT jobs on base and several outposts/depots.

DUH!  Sorry guys.  I work in Estrogen Hell.  Seriously. I (and the Office Bookkeeper) are the only males anywhere.  "SHE" at this place refers to the "alpha-She".  Meaning the "Boss". A large part of "my job" is to make her happy which is difficult when things "I"think are perfect may NOT meet others' expectations. 
Like load a new system from scratch with every possible program I even MIGHT need and think of any possible problems that COULD happen and while you are at it, be sure there are NONE.  I will be leaving on a plane at 5am for "yonder" and will be in meetings all day. 

This without ever having read the manual or turned on the system 

Failure to be perfect results in "death by persecution" 
>>I am only half kidding :)


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