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What are your most important Web Browser features?


Curious as to what the most important features in a Web Browser for people here is.

Mine are:

* WebGL Rendering
* WebSocket Support
* Bookmarks (Although I don't use it often)
* Tabbed Browsing
* AdBlocking Plugins
* Downloads Section
* Open Recent Tabs
Will add more if I remember more


* Security
* Reliability/stability
* Multi-line scrollable bookmarks toolbar
* Repositionable multi-colored, multi-row tabs
* A customizable searchbar
* Session saving
* A functional statusbar
* ad and script blocking
* Userscript and custom CSS capabilities
* Custom user defined buttons
* A souped up sidebar
* Dev tools (firebug)
* fast bookmark searching
* Easy, immediate access to everything (don't force hiding things behind complicated menu systems) Hamburger buttons suck!
* a real titlebar
* UI colors that respect the user's desktop theme
* Single window mode
What are your most important Web Browser features?

Different "instance" in each tab, so if one crashes, they don't all crash.

First of all security, and first of all the possibility to disable/enable Javascript (by a dedicated key or by disabling Javascript for all the websites excluding the trusted ones).

As an alternative, or as an additional layer of security, I deeply appreciate a sandbox.

Then Ghostery, AdBlock, the possibility to improve the readability of certain websites, HTML5 to see videos.

Number one is: standards support without any prefixes supported by default (no -moz-, -webkit-, -o- or -ms-).

No BS in this matter like google does with MathML.
If you don't want to support some parts of standard don't claim you support it fully.

Other features? Look at old Opera :)


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